C A N D L E  C A R E

Caring for your candle is extremely important to ensure a long lasting candle life. 

Here are few tips to help you achieve a long lasting burning candle.

Trim your wick to 4-6mm before each burn. This is extremely important to help with even burn, steady flame, limit sooting and mushrooming of the wick.

When lighing your canlde leave it to burn until the wax melts acroos the whole surface of the container, this will create and even burn and help prevent tunnelling. This may take between 2-4 hours. 

If you find your canle is creating an uneven burn, you will need to adjust the wick to the centre of the container or in the direction that requires more heat. Also ensure the candle is away from any drafts.

Keep candles away form direct sunlight as this will cause discolouring and lose of scent.

Cease burning your candle when 12mm of wax remains in the bottom of the container. 

When extinguishing your candle, never blow out the flame, always use a snuffer. 

Candle burn times may differ depending on the container, fragrance, colour and climate.